The office of a homemaker 

People just assume that if your assigned gender at birth is female, you come with the mechanism to make and keep homes. Your predilection for neatness and order are not gender-exclusive really or a gender prerequisite. A man might also like to do the same.

I am a homemaker. I started reluctantly, to be honest, but I started liking the adventure slowly. Firstly, it is creative. Secondly, it is self-satisfying and thirdly, it is something that may go unnoticed by others but never by our own kind.

I confess I haven’t nailed it yet. But I’m none the less for it. The imperfections of this job are primarily what makes one feel akin to the job of homemaking. You’re not perfect as a writer, teacher, politician, doctor, painter or even an astronaut. Then why assume to be born perfect as a homemaker? Have fun while you’re at it.