Winter score!

fullsizerender-16Currently, I’m enjoying the winter season (if not the cold) because of the blooming cineraria, dahlias, impatiens, petunias, chrysanthemums and verbenas in my garden. These impatiens flowered rather late and dealt me a good dose of patience in waiting for them but they’re beginning to open up now. While the whole compound of our house is pretty shaded, I had to find this spot to keep my hanging impatiens baskets so they could catch my eye when I had tea in the morning. I hung my petunias too.

My marigolds are way past their prime, so no pictures here. But here’s a lone gerbera, reminiscent of last year. I didn’t get new saplings this winter because I forgot about them completely. And then this one comes up and surprises me.


That’s the deal with flowers. One look and you’re in love. I have not enjoyed flowers in bouquets much, except this one time when a guest handed me the most beautiful bunch of pink roses at my wedding. I usually like flowers in the garden or planters. Vases too, but occasionally, and only when I know the guests will appreciate!



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