Money plants in bottles


Do you like the money plant? I do. It’s quaint and classy and doesn’t need much ado to keep it going.

The money plant is legendary actually. Apparently, a poor Taiwanese man received it in return to his prayers to God to relieve his financial burdens. He went to care for it, later selling seeds and nuts, earning a lot of money hence. I didn’t know that when I ushered it into my living room and I haven’t yet come across any nuts in them. But it is said to increase your wealth and prosperity if you care for it and nurture it well.


Notice the lamp-post below the tree? The curls looks brilliant when it glows

There’s a money plant vine curling artificially around a frangipani tree in my garden right now. I did that. It cannot quite sap the juice of the tree but looks pretty nonetheless. I also had it in a flower pot, supported by a bamboo quadruped-like structure but it took a lot of effort to keep it looking fresh and green while curling it around the structure. About then, I found that this plant can grow equally well in water.


I had some empty wine bottles which I thought could be put to good use here. I took fresh saplings from the parent branch and dipped them into the wine bottles filled with water. Now all I do is change the water every few days and mist-spray the leaves occasionally to keep them clean. They grow and curl down and need near-to-nothing care.

Here’s a glimpse into what I have made of them –


  • Cutting: Make a sharp 45-degree incision on the branch, making sure that you’re leaving enough length to dip a node or two in the water.
  • Fill your container (planter or bottle) with water, enough to keep the nodes wet and nourished.
  • Change the water in a span of 4-5 days or even a week to keep it looking fresh.
  • If you’re going on vacation, you can leave it as it is. By the time you’re back, there might be a few yellow leaves which you can pluck away before changing the water again. The best deal about this is that it needs minimal care.

Do you have any house plants you love? Share your knowledge with me.


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