From Scotch holders to Watchmen!

Like many other homemakers, I hate a mess. I don’t think I have OCD yet (though I cannot rule it out completely) but there’s just so much I can take when it comes to a shabby room, a dresser in disarray, a mishmash of clothes or other articles etc.

My husband loves watches and more often than not, will either buy one or get it as a gift. Not surprising therefore that there are a lot of them, lying around aimlessly on my dresser. I used to have a small bowl to hold them all but well, it broke and now the watches have nowhere proper to go. Hence, a mess.

The other day, while I was about to throw away some old 100 Piper bottle cases, I thought of innovating them to hold the watches. So here’s a peek into what I did with them:

First, I peeled off the branding paper and cut them lengthwise, about one-inch and two-inches wide, to form a long window. Then I stuck them to an orphaned wooden block lying in the garage, with Fevikwik and let it dry. You can also use wrapping papers if you want, but because I didn’t have a decent looking wrapping paper, I painted and dried them in the sun.

The left one helps me as a charging point and the right one (the watchman!) holds my dear husband’s darling watches. See…

Do you have any organising ideas that you’d like to share? I’d love to know.


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