Repurposed dresser!

I hate it when manageable articles have to die an early death because they went past their likeability date. If you look around, you’d find many such things at home which can be revived or given a new lease of life, simply by tweaking it here and touching up there. My husband has a transferable job and every new house we move into has its own share of old creaky problems and hand-me-downs. Most of than not, people like to get rid of old stuff or stuff they don’t have any use for and put it away in a spare room or garage.

But like energy, old things too, never get wasted; of course, if they haven’t rotted away or have been splintered into nothing. And I love resuscitating and tailoring them to suit my needs. I am a Houzz fan and also an avid follower of Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart. But as someone researching them for a long time now, I can assure you that they make it look easier and snazzier than it actually is. The finish of the product, when you ‘do it yourself’ at home may not be as perfect as it looks in them glossy magazines. But then, when did DIY mean perfection? You do what you can and as long as it serves your purpose well, you’re a winner. (At least, that’s what I tell myself!)

I recently made good use of an awkward dresser into a media centre. Houses on our side of the globe usually do not have the kind of wall where you can easily cut or punch a hole to hide in the wires. If you don’t understand what I mean, check this video:

We do not have walls made like these. And you cannot cut through cement, without creating a huge mess. So, either you mount a board before you mount your TV that will cover your wires or put a tall media centre in front of it and hope, that it covers at least the ugly lengths of wires that run long and far. So I did just that and managed whatever I could to hide the wires.

I wish I had the Before photos because the After might not look much without it. For a hint, my old dresser looked something like this –


20170213_070319463_iosAnd, here’s what I made of it. The top gap had two drawers and the gap below had two sliding doors that stuttered every time I tried to open them. I added the three little drawers on the left because the previous version of the table-top protruded a little (notice the extra wood on the tabletop), making the dresser look uneven. Now I store CDs in them. The two doors at the bottom replaced two sliding doors that were there before, so it was easier to open.







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