Bougainvilleas in a flower pot: A simple way to tame its overarching 

I love bougainvillaeas. They have a brilliant colour. They look most gorgeous when perched on wrought-iron arches or are growing across a roof or atop a gate. Sadly, I have neither of the arrangements. Mum gave me one of her old planted bougainvillaeas when dad retired from the tea gardens and I planted cuttings of it after I moved to a different place. So right now, I have the parent branch planted in the soil, and two children growing in flower pots.

FullSizeRenderThe trouble with bougainvillaea is that the branches stretch over and have no sense of direction. They can grow into any side they choose and go a long way. But I remembered something I saw in a nursery and used that idea to manoeuvre the plant into something more manageable. Usually, the bougainvillaea stem is quite malleable though it might not appear so. Better if you catch it young. So before this baby (see right) could flower, I wound the stem round and round, tying it to four posts that I planted firmly into the soil around the flower pot. So now, the flowers have started blooming in that fashion and it looks beautiful.

I am also planning to pay more attention to its parent plant, now that the children are taken care of. The It is growing mighty slow, maybe because of its slightly shady spot, but that is the ideal place for it to grow bigger and arch wider. I am willing to make the best efforts to make it suitable for it grow up into a tall shed of pink and white. I have recently put a bamboo canopy over it and tied the over-arching branches to the criss-cross so it can grow accordingly.

How do you plan your garden design? Do you have any tips for me? Please feel free to share. I’m a new gardener and very curious to learn the trade.


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