4 reasons why salad lunches are a good choice

Indians and oil/grease-free cooking don’t go together typically. Yes, people do choose it over fried foods nowadays because of awareness, but their hearts keep longing for their exes. So I don’t know who’s going to buy it when I say that salad lunches, vegetarian for that matter, are awesome. Usually, foods like these go with the label of healthy cooking, which is the Indian Morse Code for bland. Haters gonna hate, call me a gastric-lost traveller in the world of food, but what the hell. I love low-slash-non-spiced food and I won’t deny it. I am a hardcore fishetarian too – whether baked, steamed or curried. Yet…I chose this darling over my already lightweight, non-spicy, gluten-free, traditionally Assamese must-have luncheons of fish curries and rice platters. So there must be a delectable reason for that.

Pause for a breather.

The reason I chose vegetarian salad lunches on the menu is because salads are:


The humble texture of parboiled veggies sprinkled with a dash of olive oil, salt/pepper, lime and nuts – is equally, if not profanely, sublime.

Last minute friendly

They usually don’t need too much attention or sticking to a recipe. You can go wild and yet come up with a wonder of a salad. I like a gluten-free salad, occasionally with lightly toasted cottage cheese and mostly without meat.But you may have your way and sprinkle hard/soft cheese shavings or boiled/baked/grilled meats over yours.

Safe for the tummy

They are also, for lack of a better word, healthy. They are pleasing, comforting and reassuring for the delicate lining of the tummy.

A good, post-hangover meal

Salads are wonderful accompaniments for a wine-and-dine. But they are also gut saviours when you don’t want to have anything heavy and yet want to keep off being hungry. A bowl or plate of veg salad post-4am-parties and a tepid slumber is respectful towards your digestion and lets your gut rest.

I love my food to be light and hearty. How do you like yours?


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