My Seasonal Update

So, chrysanthemums and marigolds and petunias and cineraria are over. Sniffle!


Zinnias sprouting for spring

Come spring, I am expecting a bed of healthy and robust Zinnias smarting my eyes with their festive colours. We sprinkled a bed of 100 Zinnia seeds that have sprouted into lovely seedlings of at least 83 for now. The rains haven’t been helpful at all but I am still planning to plant these babies in the flower bed and put a shed over them if it rains. If I keep them waiting for too long, they’ll grow lanky and will not flower well.


I lost patience with my Impatiens in baskets. They haven’t flowered as brightly and sprightly as I had wanted them to. So I shifted them to the ground and flower pots. Let’s see how it works out.


The ever reliable drumstick tree in the front yard

The soil in my current abode is too sandy, but I cannot help. The river bed is close by and the house, having been built next to it, is inadvertently earthed with sand mixed soil. Yet, I was able to have a delightful brigade of cauliflowers and cabbages last winter. I even parcelled them off to both sides of the family. I have a drumstick tree right in front of the house; so that’s taken care of. We often forget about it. It flowers when it flowers, strewing the whole pathway like paradise and is laden with drumsticks now, enough to make wonderfully warm curries with mustard paste. Yum!


The gourds are, well, still in waiting, though I see some growth in the bean bed. Once the non-seasonal downpours retire and they get some much-required sun, they’ll grow better.

For now, there are these little white brinjals which make an awesome snack for drinks, if you fry them in chick-pea flour batter; and the ongoing batch of Bhutanese and Indian potatoes. The former is a delectable item, I tell you! It is a little ruddy and awfully tasty. Mash it or shallow fry it, you will impress guests nonetheless.











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