Bohag flirts with me!

The crazy phagun winds and the unexpected downpour are gone and the air is definitely cleaner than it was. Thanks for the showers, my greens have gotten greener. I hope they can withstand the imminent, brutal summer. As for now, Bohag (Spring) has already started flirting a little.

With Easter, next Sunday, my Easter Lilies should have been ready to bloom. As it appears, they’re going to take time. Surprising, what a few, odd, garlic-like bulbs can grow into. I got them from Mum’s garden two years before and regretfully, missed them last year because I had to be away. This year, I shall not stray from a single bloom. So, seeing that they probably won’t make it by this weekend, I’m ready to wait. What is life if you cannot stand and stare at such lovelies?

Oh, my Davies! Did I tell you? While lilies are waiting, my garden is almost agog with orchids. I love those Foxtail orchids, woven like a garland with closely-knit blooms. We call it Kopou and often use them to adorn hair buns of Bihu dancers. They are endemic to Assam but I don’t have that in my garden! (choke)

Instead, I have dendrobiums, I think! Yellow ones, more than the mauve; though I have them too. Months ago, I had got my orchids packed with soil and manure, and tied to these trees. We just replenished the manure a few weeks back for the branches to flower.

Last weekend, I had to leave home for work, leaving my orchid buds looking at me with promise. When I got back, this was waiting for me. Seems like we’ve been rewarded!

I don’t know what they are called (maybe, yellow dendrobium) but if you’re looking for drops of gold, here they are!



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